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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

A pair of undead lovers seek the blessing of Queen Neferata for the union – and when she approves, plans are set in motion for a wedding that will be like no other…

A vampire love story is very different in the Mortal Realms from any others you may have read… especially when their marriage will help Neferata to root out potential traitors within her realm.

Even in Shyish, the benighted Realm of Death, life goes on. Life of a sort, anyway… Within the kingdom of Nulahmia, ruled by the Blood Queen Neferata, two rival vampire families may yet join as one – for the heirs to their thrones have fallen in love and would be wed. When Karya Treveign and Evered Halorecht seek Neferata's blessing, the Blood Queen sees an opportunity to further her own plans, and a wedding is arranged… one destined to end in tragedy.

Written by David Annandale

This is story is also available in the anthology Gods and Mortals.

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