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Blood Gold

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Blood Gold

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Two

The Fyreslayers of the Zharrthagi clan gather to defend their home from a horde of enemies who approach – but could the key to what is to come lie in their distant past?

Gav Thorpe crafts a tale that exemplifies the duardin regard for their past and delves into the legends of the Fyreslayers – as well as their fascination with ur-gold.

Before the Gate of Endless Defiance, entry to the Vostargi Mont, ancestral home of the Zharrthagi Fyreslayers clan, stands the clan's Runefather. Behind him are arrayed an army of his kin, determined to defend the sanctity of their lodge, even as they have done for uncounted centuries. Yet the foe they face is one like no other they have encountered in their long history – and the key to what happens next may lie in a told long told by their people, a tale of how they became the warriors they are today. This is that tale.

Written by Gav Thorpe

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