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From The Deep

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From The Deep

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

The War of Life goes underwater as the defenders of a hidden reef in Ghyran face Nurgle's Rotbringers in a brand new digital tale – renowed author Jaine Fenn's Black Library debut!

It's a chance to see a previously unknown battle from the War of Life, and a branch of the Sylvaneth a bit different from anything we've seen before…

In the verdant realm of Ghyran, the War of Life rages. The sylvaneth, forest spirit defenders of the realm, battle the pustulent might of Nurgle's Rotbringers, with the future of their very land at stake. But beneath the calm surface of the Sea of Serpents, the war is being waged on another front. The Naereids, custodians of the underwater forests, are beset, as bloated Blightkings intrude upon their sunken fields and threaten to destroy everything they hold dear. Kelara, leader of the Naereids must muster her defences and hold off the relentless assault – or all she has known may be lost.

Written by Jaine Fenn

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