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No Honour Among Vermin

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No Honour Among Vermin

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

As a group of Khorne worshippers prepare for a blood-soaked ritual, little do they suspect that their would-be allies, the skaven of Clan Skryre, prepare to strike…

C L Werner has long been a master of writing skaven, and here he weaves plots and counterplots that will get you right into the twisted minds of the Chaos-tainted ratmen

All in the Mortal Realms fear the dread touch of Chaos… and even among the servants of the Dark Gods, there are those who would turn upon each other for their own sinister purposes. As the warriors of Khorne prepare for a blood-soaked ritual, they are watched by skaven of the Clans Skryre, who would take an ancient and powerful bell the Bloodreavers have and turn it to their own dark purposes. But even among the ratmen, there are competing agendas, and it may fall to a single humble skaven scout to decide the fate of all…

Written by C L Werner

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