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Ghosts Of Demesnus

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Ghosts Of Demesnus

A Hallowed Knights story

Gardus of the Hallowed Knights embarks on a personal journey, seeking truths about the changes wrought to his mind and body. Will he find them amidst the Ghosts of Demesnus?

It's a tale of the Hallowed Knights that focuses on the mysteries surrounding Gardus SteelSoul – and the mysteries of Ghyran.

Gardus SteelSoul, LordCelestant of the Hallowed Knights, has been having strange dreams. Changed by his reforgings on the Anvil of Apotheosis, Gardus now shines with celestial light… and dreams. Leaving his warriors behind in Hammerhal Aqsha, Gardus embarks on a personal mission, journeying to the fishmarkets of Demesnus, which he remembers as once being the greatest centre of learning in the Realm of Life. Will he find the secrets to the changes wrought upon his body and mind in Demesnus – or will he simply find himself in danger?

Written by Josh Reynolds

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