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Blood of the Flayer

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Blood of the Flayer

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

When Huthor the Flayer dedicates his warband, the Raging Tide, to the service of the Dark Prince, Slaanesh, little does he suspect what will follow…

Experience the wiles of Slaanesh and see what warriors who dedicate their life to the Dark Prince's service experience – for good and ill.

In the metal wastes of Chamon, Lord Huthor, known as the Flayer, has drawn the gaze of the Dark Gods. When an emissary of the Godseekers, those who would find the Dark Prince and return him to his infernal throne, comes to Huthor, he devotes his life and his warband to Slaanesh – even if he doesn't realise it at first. Pains and pleasures alike await the Raging Tide as they rampage across the Realm of Metal. But dark is the destiny of those who serve the Ruinous Powers, and the Flayer's will be dark indeed.

Written by Richard Strachan

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