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The Garden of Mortal Delights

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The Garden of Mortal Delights

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

A captive Sylvaneth Branchwych seeks her freedom – but to claim it, she will have to outwit the cunning Slaaneshi lord who holds her prisoner.

Take a look at the appetites of Slaanesh's servants, and how they can be used against them by a devious foe with the will to escape.

Kurdwen, Branchwych of the Harvestboon Glade, is a prisoner. For a year, the Sylvaneth has been held by Lord Revish, Slaanesh-worshipping master of a pleasure garden buried in the heart of Nurgle-infested territory in Ghyran. Forced to grow fruit for the lord's feasts from the still-living bodies of her dryad kin, Kurdwen dreams of escape – and vengeance. Her plans come to fruition, and she makes her bid for freedom – but can she outwit the cunning servants of the Prince of Chaos?

Written by Robert Rath

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