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War in the Museum

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War in the Museum

A Necrons story

A dangerous new addition to Trazyn the Infinite's museum of curiosities draws all his attention – while another threat lurks in the darkness.

Get an insight into just who Trazyn the Infinite is, why he collects specimens for his museum on Solemnace, and the lengths that he will go to in order to complete his collections.

On the shadowy world of Solemnace, Trazyn the Infinite tends to his ever-growing museum of curiosities from across space and time. Each exhibit is an exquisite recreation of a great moment in the galaxy, heroes and villains locked in time at the moment of their triumph or defeat. Now, his greatest exhibit nears completion as a mighty hive tyrant is prepared as the centrepiece of the Tyrannic Wars display. Careful preparations have been made to keep it safe… but the real threat lurks elsewhere, waiting for the chance to strike.

Written by Robert Rath

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