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Farsight: Redemption on Dal'yth

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Farsight: Redemption on Dal'yth

A T'au Empire story

When an ancient stasis device deactivates, a duel between a t'au warrior and a Space Marine spills out into the present – with dangerous consequences.

Discover how the T'au Empire reveres its heroes and what happens when such reverence of the past leads to new dangers.

For eight generations, a hero of the T'au Empire has been held in stasis, trapped in a single moment of time during a duel with a monstrous gue'la warlord. This t'au – the legendary Sha'kanthas – has become a legend, a symbol of the indomotability of the Greater Good's servants. The stasis bubble containing the warriors sits in a museum in Dal'yth… but such crude human technology can't last forever. When they awaken, the battle continues, and Sha'kanthas – weaponless and out of his element – must find a way to defeat the Space Marine before it rampages across Dal'yth, causing untold devastation.

Written by Phil Kelly

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