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Assassinorum: Divine Sanction

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Assassinorum: Divine Sanction

A Warhammer 40,000 story

A Callidus Assassin's mission is imperilled when an agent of another temple interrupts her. Can she salvage victory, or will her task end in ignominious failure?

Enjoy a fast-paced tale packed with mystery, drama and a host of twists and turns.

For months, a lone Callidus Assassin has insinuated herself into a human society that is in danger of falling to the deviant philosophy of the T'au Empire. When her time to strike comes, she is beaten to her kill by a lone gunshot, made from a nigh-impossible distance and angle. A shot that could only be made by an Assassin of the Vindicare temple. With her mission in ruins, the Callidus tries to unravel the mystery and ensure that she can salvage victory from the brink of defeat.

Written by Robert Rath

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