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An Astra Militarum story

With his regimental commissar dead by his hands, Acting-Captain Andrik Petrov of the 224th Kelbran Janissaries faces a new future away from the light of the Emperor.

It's common to see Space Marines who've turned to the service of the Dark Gods – this is your chance to see what happens to an ordinary human who walks that dangerous road.

When Acting-Captain Andrik Petrov of the 224th Kelbran Janissaries snaps and kills his commissar, he sets into action a chain of events that will change his destiny, and that of the Guardsmen who follow him into sedition and treachery. Faced with loyal Imperial soldiers who would see him dead for his foul deed, and the sinister servants of Chaos, Petrov must navigate his way through his new reality and decide where his fealty lies – before he is consumed by the events he has set in motion.

Written by Nicholas Wolf

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