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Plague Harvest

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Plague Harvest

Book one in the Plagues of Orath trilogy

As the world of Orath withers under the grip of a deadly plague, Ultramarines Librarian Vabion and his Doom Eagles allies fight to uncover the source of the contagion.

The opening chapter of the Plagues of Orath trilogy delivers mystery – just what is causing crops to wither and people to fall ill? – and action, as the afflicted rise again... and they're hungry. Space Marines battle plague zombies and daemons of Nurgle as a plot millennia in the making begins to unfold.

On the quiet agri-world of Orath, an ancient evil awakens. As the people of the planet sicken and the crops fail, Librarian Vabion of the Ultramarines, castellan of Fort Kerberos and guardian of Orath's secrets, must work with his uneasy allies from the Doom Eagles Chapter to discover the source of the contagion and end it. But when the plague's victims start to rise again and the architects of Orath's fate are revealed, Vabion must stand alone against the darkness.

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