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In Service Eternal

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In Service Eternal

An Aeronautica Imperialis short story

The elite flyers of the Imperium are back in a new tale that pits a squadron of Valkyries against a dark secret that threatens their Adeptus Mechanicus allies.

Fast-paced flyer action? Check. An intriguing mystery? Check. Great characters? Check. This tale has it all.

On the world of Antropia, the skies are watched by the Valkyries of the 41st Aerial Division. Led by Wing Commander Arden Graves, his veteran pilots vouchsafe the Adeptus Mechanicus mining teams slowly boring out the planet's core for minerals vital to the Imperial war machine. But when contact with the deepest of the servitor teams is lost, Graves and his Valkryies are sent to find out why and in doing so discover what lurks at the heart of Antropia.

Written by Matt Smith

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