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Last Flight

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Last Flight

An Imperial Navy story

For the crew of the Marauder bomber Spirit of St. Pascale, a dangerous mission could leave them stranded in dangerous waters, where vicious creatures hunger…

Get into the Aeronautica Imperialis spirit with a brand-new tale of high-flying action that sees a daring bomber crew face impossible odds – with harrowing consequences.

On the world of Sagaraya, the war between the forces of the Imperium and their enemies spans an immense ocean. Too wide for the pilots of the Imperial Navy's Glory Squadron to safely cross, unleash their deadly payload, and return to safety. And yet the demands of war must be met… For Pilot Commander Baruch Neriah and the crew of the Marauder Spirit of St. Pascale, that means a dangerous mission to bomb enemy targets – and hope that their mobile aircraft carriers can advance far enough in their wake to allow them to land. If they fail, Neriah and his crew will find themselves adrift in Sagaraya's unforgiving waters, where dark creatures dwell…

Written by Edoardo Albert

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