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Martyr's End

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Martyr's End

An Adepta Sororitas story

A Repentia returned to her order, Dominion Superior Adamanthea must balance her desire to purge her sins with the orders of her canoness. If she fails, all could fall to ruin…

Discover what happens when a Sister Repentia cleanses her sins and returns to the sisterhood. Can she even truly purge herself of the need to repent, or will her life be forever tainted by her misdeeds?

This is a pre-order title, available to download from 16 Sep 2019.

Once a Repentia, Sister Adamanthea of the Adepta Sororitas has returned to her order and taken the rank of Dominion Superior. But some sins remain too deep to truly escape… Leading her squad in an attempt to assassinate a commander of the heathen T'au Empire in the midst of a vicious battle, Adamanthea's desire to purge her sins upon the enemy remains strong. With her drive to punish the enemies of the Emperor conflicting with her orders, can she lead her squad to victory – or will her desperate need for vengeance doom them all?

Written by Alec Worley

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