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Signal to Noise

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Signal to Noise

A Warhammer 40,000 story

A message that may be from the dawn of the Imperium throws Sister Agentha into peril, even as aeldari raiders assault the fleet on which she travels.

It's an intriguing little tale on a number of levels – it has a mystery from long ago, a look at how the Black Templars interact with meddlesome humans, and some thrilling space combat between Space Marines and Drukhari.

Travelling aboard a warship of the Black Templars, Sister Agentha of the Adepta Sororitas Orders Dialogus finds that her skill with languages is required when the vessel intercepts an ancient message, potentially dating back to the dawn of the Imperium – and containing the voice of the Emperor Himself. But with vicious aeldari raiders closing in, can Agentha complete her task in time? And will the Black Templars even want to hear the voice of their god?

Written by C Z Dunn

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