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The Flesh Tithe

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The Flesh Tithe

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Hell has come to Sygera – can Sister Hospitaller Lucia lead her people out of the darkness and to salvation amidst a tide of xenos horrors?

It's the debut story from Miles A Drake, and it's dripping with atmosphere – and has some unexpected guests that change the story as it goes on.

Hell has come to Sygera. In the city of Moldevar, xenos aircraft battle the Imperial navy in the skies, and nightmares stalk the streets – creatures of metal, bodies crafted like skeletons with claws in place of hands, draped with the flesh of their victims. Against them stand a pitiful few defenders, among them Sister Hospitaller Lucia, who stands as a symbol of the God-Emperor for the people of Moldevar in these dark times. As the survivors rally around her, can Lucia lead them to salvation?

Written by Miles A Drake

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