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Court of Daemons

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Court of Daemons

Part 8 of the Red Path series

It all ends here... after eight episodes of head-taking, axe-wielding, blood-shedding action, all the threads come together as Khârn faces both his target, the Living Saint Lozepath, and his would-be master…

It's the final blood-soaked instalment in the Red Path series, and Abaddon himself comes down from on high to deal with Khârn…

Doom has come to the holy planet of Salandraxis. The legions of Khorne fill its shrine city and claim skulls for their dark god by the thousands. In the High Temple of the Emperor, Khârn the Betrayer finally faces his trophy, the Living Saint Lozepath. But as Warmaster Abaddon himself descends from the fiery heavens to parley with the Chosen of Khorne, it becomes clear to Khârn that the Red Path does not end here. The Red Path never ends.

Written by Chris Dows

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