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Disciples of Khârn

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Disciples of Khârn

Part 6 of the Red Path series

Captured and trapped between enemies, Khârn the Betrayer is in a dark place. Can he rally and defeat all his foes, or has Khorne's greatest champion come to the end of his long journey?

It's a crucial point in Khârn's story, and in the Red Path series, as all the storylines collide and everything hangs in the balance.

Captain Locq of the Hounds of Abaddon stands triumphantly in front of Khârn the Betrayer. He has destroyed the Angels Eradicant fleet attacking the Skulltaker and has the Chosen of Khorne under his control. Finally, Locq will bring Khârn before the Warmaster. But as a fleet of Chaos warships breaks from the Immaterium over Salandraxis, has Locq succeeded in fulfilling his oath? On the shrine world below, the Imperial defenders make ready to defend their Saint to the last.

Written by Chris Dows

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