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Wrath of the Emperor

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Wrath of the Emperor

Part 5 of the Red Path series

Khârn and his warband lead the defence of the Skulltaker, while far away, the Living Saint Lozepath prepares to take up his throne once again.

Khârn is best known as an aggressor, a dangerous killer and unstoppable force. So seeing him defending is something special indeed.

As klaxons fill the corridors of the Skulltaker, Khârn the Betrayer and his warband prepare to repel the attack of an unexpected enemy. His ship is caught in a perilous position and overrun by hostile raiding parties, but Khârn and his Khorne Berzerkers do not give up the fight easily. Elsewhere, on the shrine world of Salandraxis, Cardinal Astral Pradillo sees the Living Saint Lozepath return to his throne for the first time in many years. Will his holiness see reason and make arrangements for his own safety?

Written by Chris Dows

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