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Skulls of Salandraxis

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Skulls of Salandraxis

Part 7 of the Red Path series

Khârn's fury has been unleashed upon the shrine world of Salandraxis, and a great prize awaits him… if he can survive the attentions of the Hounds of Abaddon, who are determined to end the Betrayer's bloody rampage.

It's the penultimate instalment of Khârn's blood-soaked series, and the stakes are high… but not as high as the piles of skulls are going to be once the Betrayer and his own betrayer are done.

Khârn the Betrayer has been promised great glory on the clerical world of Salandraxis. As his bolstered warband spills across the planet’s sacrosanct capital, the Chosen of Khorne is focused only on finding the trophy promised to him by the Blood God. In the wake of the devastating orbital invasion, Captain Locq leads his Hounds of Abaddon into the fray, killing indiscriminately as he resolves to break his oath and take the Betrayer’s skull for himself.

Written by Chris Dows

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