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City of Ruin

Quick Reads

City of Ruin

Part seven of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

After the Imperial Fists inadvertantly cause a disaster, one of their number volunteers to join a Deathwatch team sent to retrieve the situation – but will his trigger-happy ways endanger the mission still further?

Atonement, duty, or just a chance to cause some damage and kill aliens? See for yourself why Rodricus Grytt of the Imperial Fists wants to join the Deathwatch mission on Basatani.

Following their campaign against a rising ork Waaagh, the Imperial Fists inadvertently shoot down a xenos asteroid onto the world of Basatani. Unfortunately, this leads the Navis Nobilite to demand that the Deathwatch go after a young Navigator scion who was last seen in the capital. The veteran Imperial Fist Rodricus Grytt volunteers to join Kill Team Almuta, bound for the planet’s surface – but as a Devastator sergeant with a reputation for causing untold collateral damage, is he the best candidate for such a sensitive rescue operation?

Written by Ian St Martin

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