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Quick Reads


Part four of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

The Space Wolves fight valiantly against an alien foe, and none more so than the fierce Blood Claw Drenn Redblade. But it is the expertise of their Deathwatch allies that promises to turn the greenskin tide...

It's a look at one of the ways in which the Deathwatch recruit – and shows how they fight alongside other Space Marines, in this case Space Wolves who're not keen on playing nicely with others.

In the upper reaches of Theron, vast arco-refineries harvest the volatile atmospheric lightning storms, and it was this that brought the orks. The Space Wolves sent by Kjarl Grimblood to relieve the Adeptus Mechanicus defenders fight valiantly – none more so than the fierce young Blood Claw Drenn – but it is the expertise of the assigned Deathwatch kill-team that promises to turn the greenskin tide. Even so, Drenn's reckless actions once again draw the wrath of his commander, and the self-styled 'Redblade' must pay the price...

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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