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First to Hunt

Quick Reads

First to Hunt

Part six of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

Deathwatch sergeant Suberei, a warrior of the White Scars, speeds across the plains of Ballestae in search of intelligence on the mysterious eldar. But he finds more than he bargained for...

When the Deathwatch fight in fiction, it's usually in kill-teams – so to see a Deathwatch warrior on his own (apart from his pet cyber-eagle, of course) is something new and different indeed. And when it's a bike-mounted warrior of the White Scars seeking info about the swiftest of eldar, there's a good chance that fast-paced action will follow in his wake.

Jetek Suberei is a true son of Chogoris. With his trusty cyber-eagle Vengla at his side, he races over the open plains on his assault bike, undertaking long range missions for the Deathwatch with the same feral glee as he once did for the White Scars Chapter. Now, on the bleak, sun-parched world of Ballestae, he ventures into eldar territory to ascertain why the Wild Riders of Saim-Hann have halted their seemingly unstoppable advance. Jetek Suberei will learn all – for is he not the living hurricane, master of the steppes and always first to hunt?

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