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Quick Reads


Part eleven of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

Called to account for his recent actions, the young Ultramarines Chaplain Ortan Cassius must unravel the mystery of the Ghosar Enigma if he is to avert a heinous threat to the Deathwatch...

It's the final instalment in the series, and this time the focus is Chaplain Cassius himself. Discover the hidden past of the future hero of the Tyrannic Wars and his role in one of the most renowned missions of the alien-hunting Deathwatch.

Deathwatch Chaplain Ortan Cassius, the most honoured battle-brother of the Ultramarines Chapter, is called before a council of watch captains to account for his recent actions – namely the destruction of the Imperial Port Cepheus. With many of his former kill team still unaccounted for, he must justify his use of such extreme measures or face permanent dismissal from the Deathwatch. But Cassius is unconvinced of his superiors’ motives, and begins to delve deeper into the mysterious Ghosar Enigma…

Written by Braden Campbell

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