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Born of the Storm

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Born of the Storm

Summer of Reading 2019 – Day 5

When Astra Militarum Cadet Augustin encounters his first dangers, little does he expect the journey it will take him on…

Take a look at the unorthodox recruitment methods of the Fulminators Chapter of Space Marines through the eyes of a humble human.

Cadet Augustin, a would-be Astra Militarum trooper, finds himself in danger when his patrol route takes him to the habs where he grew up. An unexpected encounter with a mine leaves his squad leaderless, and local gangs attack, looking for the well-maintained weapons of the Imperial Guard. Little does Augustin realise that this is only the start of his trials, and that his journey will span years and cross the galaxy, taking him from humble cadet to something different and greater…

Written by Edoardo Albert

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