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Fangs of the Rustwood

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Fangs of the Rustwood

Summer of Reading 2019 – Day 1

A journey with suspected murderers turns deadly when enemies attack – but can witch hunter Kantus Vallo work with his prisoners for all their sakes?

Enter a world of moral uncertainty as Evan Dicken explores how far a devout agent of Sigmar will go to ensure both his survival and the success of his mission, in the face of monstrous enemies.

Kantus Vallo, witch hunter of the Order of Azyr, escorts a caravan of prisoners back to civilisation for trial. Their path takes them through the Rustwood, a great untamed wilderness, menacing and foreboding. Each prisoner is a suspect in the murder of an influential governor – sorcerer, poisoner and guard captain, each has their means and motives. Vallo's attempts to discover the truth are derailed when the inhabitants of the Rustwood attack. Enemies quickly become allies, but can Vallo truly trust three potential killers?

Written by Evan Dicken

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