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The Unsung War

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The Unsung War

An Ultramarines story

Trapped on a starship with alien enemies on all sides, Primaris Ultramarines Aetius and Calenius prepare to fight their greatest and last war, one for which they will not be remembered.

This is a tragedy of duty, honour and sacrifice that shows the true nobility of the Space Marines as they fight a battle purely because it is right.

On the freighter Summons of Faith, gods and monsters wage war. For a human caught in the middle, it is a terrifying descent into hell. For Ultramarines battle-brothers Aetius and Calenius, it is simply their duty to fight all the enemies before them – and that is many. Piratical drukhari raiders, seeking slaves, clash with the ship's secret cargo… monstrous alien genestealers worshipped by the crew as deities. As Aetius and Calenius battle to defeat both foes, they face a simple truth: this will be their last war, and none will remember it.

Written by David Annandale

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