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Assassinorum: Iron Sight

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Assassinorum: Iron Sight

An Officio Assassinorum story

The Vindicare Assassin Absolom Raithe is forced to take drastic action when his quarry eludes him – for none escape the Officio Assassinorum.

Find out what a Vindicare Assassin does when a bullet won't do in a fast-paced tale of a desperate hunt.

There are few in the Imperium more patient than a Vindicare Assassin. These superlative killers wait for days or weeks to take the perfect shot, ending their target's life with a single squeeze of the trigger. For Absolom Raithe, his patience has reached its limit. For 27 days, his target has eluded him. The Jackal Alphus he hunts is cunning indeed – but none can escape an agent of the Officio Assassinorum forever, and Raithe will claim his kill…

Written by Robert Rath

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