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Lesser Evils (eBook)

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Lesser Evils (eBook)

Sent to a distant world to liberate a prisoner, a team of Inquisitorial troops must struggle with the idea of fighting the pious Sisters of Battle to achieve their goal.


An Inquisitor short story by Toby Frost

Lesser Evils was first published in Hammer and Bolter: Issue 13

Available to download now.


Lucan Vaughn and his Inquisition task force, veterans of a hundred battles, descend upon the world of Rand XXI on a mission to seize an important asset for their mysterious master. But this mission will bring them into conflict with another branch of the Imperium, for their target is a captive of the Adepta Sororitas, the pious Sisters of Battle. Infiltrating a convent-prison, Vaughn and his team must struggle with the idea of fighting other servants of the Emperor if they are to survive and achieve their goal.

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