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Old Wounds, New Scars

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Old Wounds, New Scars

Advent Calendar 2018: Day One

Travelling through the warp to Terra, the Perpetual Alivia Sureka faces the shadows of her past and contemplates the horrors to come when she reaches the Throneworld.

Bridging the gap between Wolf Mother and the tales to come, this story by Graham McNeill is like a breath before the plunge, setting up stories that will continue into the Siege of Terra.

As the Imperium prepares for the final great battle of the Horus Heresy, all sorts of heroes make the perilous journey to Terra, some to defend the Throneworld and some to cast it down. Among them is Alivia Sureka, a mysterious Perpetual who turned her back on the world long ago. Called back to the planet of her birth, guided by some force she barely understands, and plagued by memories of her long life and premonitions of the horrors to come, she must guide the ship on which she travels safely into the Solar system – for more than just the lives of those on board depend on it…

Written by Graham McNeill

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