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A Coin for the Carrion Thieves

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A Coin for the Carrion Thieves

An Ahriman short story

Seeking supplies deep in the Eye of Terror, Ahriman approaches the mysterious Carrion Thieves in hope of striking a dread bargain.

Discover what Ahriman did next after the climactic events of Ahriman: Unchanged in a brand-new tale of the sinister Thousand Sons sorcerer.

After his return to the Planet of the Sorcerers in an attempt to reverse the Rubric which decimated the Thousand Sons, Ahriman retreats to the Eye of Terror to scheme anew. Seeking supplies, he delves deep into the heart of that damned realm and beseeches the sinister Carrion Thieves for aid. Low on. items to trade, Ahriman turns to Ctesias, his former disciple and skilled daemonologist, to provide something for barter… at great cost.

Written by John French

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