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Hounds of Wrath

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Hounds of Wrath

An Ahriman story

Let slip the dogs of war… pursued by monstrous daemonic hounds and with survival unlikely, is this the last stand of Ctesias, servant of the dread sorcerer Ahriman?

It's part mystery story, part action tale, and it could only come from the mind of John French. And the last line will leave you dying to know what happens next…

The starship Fall of Ignorance, a vessel of the sorcerer Ahriman's fleet, is dead, its remains spinning in the void. Ctesias and Sanakht, servants of the Thousand Sons Exile, are sent to discover the cause of its destruction. On board they find a crew ravaged by monstrous daemonic hounds – the Blood God's hunters. Pursued and injured, can Ctesias survive the attention of the Hounds of Wrath?

Written by John French

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