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Soul Hunter


Soul Hunter

Book one in the Night Lords series

The Night Lords - traitors and killers who use fear as a weapon - face threats from within and without as they struggle to rebuild their legion and continue to fight the Long War.

It's an assured and confident second novel from Aaron Dembski-Bowden that kicks off one of the most acclaimed and beloved series in Black Library history – and it's a chance to see the Long War from the Night Lords' perspective!

When I was asked to select an entry for the Black Library Hall of Fame, it proved one of those delightful, yet rare, occasions where I knew the answer to a question almost immediately after it was asked. There is really only one book that I could choose, because I can say without any trace of hyperbole that it is the reason I am a writer, a Black Library author, and why I am writing this paragraph. It is the book that, when I was working at a book store five years ago hand selling copies of it to anyone who would listen, gave me the spark to give writing a try myself.

Soul Hunter is an outstanding example of a very small big book. The future of the universe is not at stake. The protagonists are not sprinting to the climax to halt the firing of the death ray/summoning of the daemon/finding of the planet-killing mcguffin, etc. Rather, Aaron does something much more grounded, more courageous and, in the end, far more engaging. He shows us who his characters are, in this case everyone’s now-favourite claw of Night Lords. He shows us their plight, how they interact and often come into conflict with each other, how they view the wider world around them and what they believe their role is within it. He redefines how Chaos Space Marines are written, and undeniably for the better. Soul Hunter demonstrates the potential that they have to be more than moustache-twirling, unrelatable clichés, that they are so much more than just obstacles for a hero to overcome.

It would be misleading if I stated that Soul Hunter is the first book to do this, as it certainly isn’t. There are plenty of examples of Chaos Space Marines who appear in prior works that have richness, complexity and depth. But Soul Hunter really succeeds in pushing them to the forefront, hitting home on the old adage that everyone is the hero of their own story. Even if that hero spends his off hours skinning people alive.

– Ian St Martin


The Night Lords were once among the most potent forces of the Imperium, Space Marines who used fear itself as their weapon. Now, cast adrift from the Emperor's light and hunted as heretics after their monstrous betrayal, the Night Lords clad themselves in symbols of death and fight the Long War, bringing pain and terror to all who worship the corpse-god of Terra. A summons from Warmaster Abaddon sends these rebels on a dangerous journey that leads inexorably to a conflict with the Emperor's chosen warriors: the Blood Angels.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden