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A Safe and Shadowed Place

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A Safe and Shadowed Place

A Horus Heresy short story

Seeking refuge, the remnants of the Night Lords fleet stumble across Imperium Secundus.

The last time we heard from the Night Lords fleet, they were scattered and leaderless in the wake of the disastrous Thramas Crusade. Now, a sizeable portion of the Legion find themselves drawn to a mysterious beacon on the far side of the galaxy. Now, The VIII Legion is back in the fight, probably bad news for the loyalists.

Scattered and leaderless after their disastrous defeat at the hands of the Dark Angels, the remnants of the Night Lords fleet head to a prearranged location: the world of Sotha, on the fringes of Ultramar. They expect to find some of Guilliman's XIII Legion opposing them, but they're not prepared for what awaits them when they stumble across one of the most important worlds in Imperium Secundus.

Written by Guy Haley. This story is also available in Death and Defiance.

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