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The Plagues of Orath


The Plagues of Orath

A Space Marine Battles book

Three novellas, one thrilling story. From the first stirrings of a plague on the quiet world of Orath, to epic tank battles and a final confrontation between the Ultramarines and the dread forces of Chaos, this collection contains the full tale of the Space Marines' battle to save Orath from the machinations of Nurgle.

The three parts of the Plagues of Orath story are collected together for the first time. Whether you want aerial battles between Stormtalons and Chaos war machines, epic confrontations across blasted battlefields or Centurions fighting back to back against hordes of daemons, this is the book for you.

A trilogy of exciting Space Marine Battles novellas starring the Ultramarines

PLAGUE HARVEST:On the quiet agri-world of Orath, an ancient evil awakens. As the people of the planet sicken and the crops fail, Librarian Vabion of the Ultramarines, castellan of Fort Kerberos and guardian of Orath's secrets, must work with his uneasy allies from the Doom Eagles Chapter to discover the source of the contagion and end it. But when the plague's victims start to rise again and the architects of Orath's fate are revealed, Vabion must stand alone against the darkness.

ENGINES OF WAR: The Ultramarines descend upon the plague-wracked world of Orath. Captain Galenus of the Fifth Company leads a force to wrest control of Fort Kerberos from the enemy. But with the dread forces of Chaos arrayed against them, it will take more than firepower for the Space Marines to defeat their rot-infested foes and save Orath from a grisly doom. As death comes from the ground and the air, Galenus and his warriors must be prepared to sacrifice all to achieve victory.

ARMOUR OF FAITH: Sent to secure a seemingly unimportant fortress on the war-wracked world of Orath, Ultramarines Chaplain Sentina and his small squad of Centurions find themselves at the centre of a plot to open a new Eye of Terror in the heart of the Imperium. As daemonic hordes assail the fortress and a fell power rises within, it falls to Sentina to unravel the design of the Ruinous Powers and prevent Chaos from consuming an entire sector of space… whatever the cost to his life or even his soul.

Written by Cavan Scott, Steve Lyons and Graeme Lyon

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