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Engines of War

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Engines of War

A Space Marine Battles novella
Volume 2 in the Plagues of Orath trilogy

The Ultramarines, under Captain Galenus, bring their engines of war to the plague-stricken world of Orath as they fight to save the planet from the clutches of Chaos.

The Plagues of Orath trilogy continues as the Ultramarines arrive in force to stop the Death Guard and save the agri-world. Massive tank and air battles show the overwhelming force Space Marines can bring to bear, and the mystery deepens as we discover why the Death Guard have attacked such a seemingly insignificant world...

The Ultramarines descend upon the plague-wracked world of Orath. Captain Galenus of the Fifth Company leads a force to wrest control of Fort Kerberos from the enemy. But with the dread forces of Chaos arrayed against them, it will take more than firepower for the Space Marines to defeat their rot-infested foes and save Orath from a grisly doom. As death comes from the ground and the air, Galenus and his warriors must be prepared to sacrifice all to achieve victory.

Written by Steve Lyons

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