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The Will of the Legion

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The Will of the Legion

A Primarchs story

When the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet is attacked by a human civilisation, Rogal Dorn swears to bring them to Compliance… or exterminate every single one of them.

See a new side of Rogal Dorn – not the wise commander, determined defender or noble hero of humanity, but the shrewd, calculating killer…

As they range out into the galaxy as part of the Emperor's Great Crusade, the warriors of the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet meet a long-lost outpost of humanity – only to be attacked by those they should be able to call brother. It is unfortunate for these Driftborn that the fleet includes not just the Imperial Army, but Space Marines of the Imperial Fists – and their primarch, the unforgiving Rogal Dorn. The primarch swears to bring the enemy world to Compliance, one way or another… and his warriors wonder if he is willing to do the unthinkable in the name of victory.

Written by Andy Clark

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