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Ghost of Nuceria

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Ghost of Nuceria

A Primarchs story

Angron, former gladiator and slave, and now leader of a rebellion against the High-riders of Nuceria, prepares to sell his life dearly in the name of freeing his people from torture. But fate has other plans…

Angron's time after being plucked from Nuceria has been explored, as has the scars it left with him, both physical and emotional. Now, for the first time, witness the day his life changed forever.

On the world of Nuceria, the last day of the slave rebellion is nigh. From the hundreds freed by Angron, barely more than fifty remain, hiding in the mountains, feeding on the rich blood of their saviour in lieu of real food. As the High-riders, the so-called nobles who tortured the slaves and made them fight for their own amusement, gather their forces to bring the rebellion down once and for all, Angron prepares to sell his life dearly. But other forces are moving. In the skies about Nuceria, the Emperor of Mankind is preparing to meet one of his long-lost sons. And that meeting will be a fateful one…

Written by Ian St. Martin

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