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Adepta Sororitas


An Adepta Sororitas story

Called to a distant world to solve a mystery that could link to the history of her order, Sister Superior Augusta contends with orks as well as her own hopes…

It sheds light on the Sisters of Battle from a different angle, and explores their relationship to their history, as well as their interactions with the Missionaries of the Imperial Church.

Sister Superior Augusta of the Order of the Bloody Rose has been called to a planet in the far reaches of the Imperium, a world where no Imperial foot has stepped in thousands of year, save a missionary sent to bring the Emperor's light to the natives. On the world is a cathedral, ancient and run down – but with an icon at its heart, a warrior-woman with a bloodied rose on her chest. Is this a symbol that Saint Mina, founder of the Order, once walked on this world? Augusta is determined to find out…

Written by Danie Ware

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