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The Horus Heresy


A Primarchs audio drama

Ahriman and Magnus the Red return to the ruins of Tizca in search of power – but to find it, long-buried truths must be brought to light…

Find out what Magnus the Red did before the Siege of Terra began… and what horrors from the past he hid from his closest son.

The Thousand Sons have thrown in their lot with the traitor Horus, and Terra awaits them. Their appointed task shall be to break the psychic defences around the Imperial Palace – but not even Magnus the Red has the magical might to defy the Emperor's will so brazenly. He needs a weapon. Amidst the ruins of the city of Tizca lies what he needs, the legacy of a world long dead and a war that brings shame to the Crimson King. Now, he and his favoured son Ahriman seek that weapon – and Ahriman will also have answers to questions he didn't even know need asked...

Written by Graham McNeill. Running time 24 minutes. Performed by Sean Connolly, Richard Reed & Claire Wyatt.

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