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The Test of Faith

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The Test of Faith

A Dark Angels story

A mission to cleanse a xenos infestation from a vast mining carrier turns into a test of faith and purity for a pair of Dark Angels Chaplains.

Experience the strained relationship between the Dark Angels and their new Primaris recruits in a tale of brutal battle and shocking betrayal.

The integration of Primaris Space Marines into the many Chapters across the Imperium has not always been easy. For the Dark Angels, with their many secrets, it is perhaps most difficult of all. On a mission to clear xenos-influenced traitors from massive mining vehicles on an airless world, Interrogator-Chaplain Raguel is all too aware of the threat the new recruits pose to the Chapter's uneasy balance. His pupil. Hadariel, is the first Primaris Chaplain to be considered for inclusion in the Dark Angels' Inner Circle – but can Belisarius Cawl's engineered warriors really be trusted with the deepest secrets of the Lion's sons?

Written by Thomas Parrott

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