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Skull Throne

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Skull Throne

A Warhammer Horror story

A resident of the Realm of Death faces horror when Chaos raiders come to their home – can they survive and turn the tables on their foes?

Discover a twisted and twisting tale of existential crisis in Shyish, where nothing is as it seems.

Life in the wild places of Shyish is not as life elsewhere in the Mortal Realms. How could it be, when Shyish is the Realm of Death itself? For one inhabitant of that benighted land, the dream of life within death becomes a nightmare when dark invaders come to Shyish and takes their skull for the pleasure of a dark god. Yet even death isn't always permanent in Nagash's domain, and the sole warrior has the chance to fight again and avenge themselves on their foes…

Written by Jake Ozga

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