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The Traitor and the Alien


The Traitor and the Alien

A Warhammer 40,000 Audio Drama Collection

Traitor Space Marines and xenos races with their own hopes for galactic conquest pose endless threats to humanity, and this collection of audio dramas takes you deep into their territory with full-cast recordings.

Learn more about legendary characters from the ranks of the xenos and the Traitor Astartes, including Ahriman of the Thousand Sons, Fabius Bile of the Emperor's Children, Asurmen of the Craftworld Aeldari, and more. Explore these fan-favourite characters as written by Black Library stalwarts including Aaron Dembski-Bowden, John French, and Guy Haley.

Throne of Lies by Aaron-Dembski Bowden
Perfection by Nick Kyme
Chosen of Khorne by Anthony Reynolds
Ahriman: The First Prince by John French
Fabius Bile: Repairer of Ruin by Josh Reynolds
Key of Infinity by John French
Heart of Decay by Ben Counter
The Embrace of Pain by Ian St Martin
Asurmen: The Darker Road by Gav Thorpe
Howl of the Banshee by Gav Thorpe
The Path Forsaken by Rob Sanders
Heirs of the Laughing God: A Deadly Wit by Gav Thorpe
Heirs of the Laughing God: Death's Mercy by Gav Thorpe
Hand of Darkness by Gav Thorpe
The Kauyon by Andy Smillie
Klaw of Mork by Guy Haley
Prophets of Waaagh! by Guy Haley

Approx run time 14 hours and 7 mins

Free Extracts: