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Angels of Darkness and Blood


Angels of Darkness and Blood

A Warhammer 40,000 Audio Drama Collection

The Dark Angels and Blood Angels are two of the most influential Chapters of the first founding, and their successors have carried on the traditions – and flaws – that make them interesting. This collection of audio dramas shines a light on the Angels of Death.

Packed with slaughter and swordplay, these audio dramas, written by Black Library authors including Gav Thorpe, James Swallow, Ben Counter, and more, offer fresh insight into two of the Imperium's most beloved fighting forces.

Heart of Rage by James Swallow
Bloodspire by C Z Dunn
Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror by Ben Counter
Hunger by Andy Smillie
The Assassination of Gabriel Seth by Andy Smillie
Blood in the Machine by Andy Smillie
At Slaughter's End by Andy Smillie
The Stromark Massacre by Andy Smillie and C Z Dunn
The Trials of Azrael by C Z Dunn
Malediction by C Z Dunn
Accept No Failure by Gav Thorpe
Holder of the Keys by Gav Thorpe
The Rage of Asmodai by C Z Dunn

Approx run time 11 hours and 32 mins

Free Extracts: