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Faith and Vengeance


Faith and Vengeance

A Warhammer 40,000 Audio Drama Collection

The Chambers Militant of the Inquisition fight their battles against heretics, xenos, and daemons. These audio dramas shed new light on these dark missions of critical importance to humanity’s survival.

Those of the Imperial Inquisition consider themselves all that stands between the Imperium of Mankind and the Ruinous Powers – it's a demanding occupation that can occasionally lead them to make some morally ambiguous decisions. Get inside the heads of some of the Imperium's most intense civil servants with this collection of thrilling – and intriguing – audio dramas.

Our Martyred Lady by Gav Thorpe
Red & Black by James Swallow
Broken Saints by Alec Worley
Mission: Purge by Gav Thorpe
Deathwatch: The Last Guardian by C Z Dunn
Mortarion's Heart by L J Goulding
Incorruptible by David Annandale
True Name by David Annandale

Approx run time 11 hours and 19 mins

Free Extracts: