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Heroes of the Astra Militarum


Heroes of the Astra Militarum

An Astra Militarum Audio Drama Collection

The Imperial Guard are the backbone of the Imperium’s military strength. While the Space Marines get all the glory, it’s the guard that holds back the tide of threats that would soon drown the Imperium by sheer weight of numbers. These audio dramas bring you into their tanks, platoons, and trenches to see how ordinary men and women face the horrors of the 41st Millennium.

There's no nobler calling in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium than to die in the Emperor's name – and the good men and women of the Astra Militarum martyr themselves in their billions. Get a thrilling insight into the galaxy's largest fighting force in this collection of audio dramas from Black Library authors including Sandy Mitchell, C L Werner, David Annandale and more.

Dead in the Water by Sandy Mitchell
The Devil You Know by Sandy Mitchell
Waiting Death by Steve Lyons
Iron Devil by C L Werner
Scions of Elysia by Chris Dows
Renegades of Elysia by Chris Dows
Martyrs of Elysia by Chris Dows
Titan's Bane by Chris Dows
Judge of the Wastes by David Annandale

Run time approx 7 hours and 50 mins

Free Extracts: