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Lords of Fenris


Lords of Fenris

A Space Wolves Audio Drama Collection

The Space Wolves are Space Marines quite unlike any other. These audio dramas bring them to life with full-cast readings, as you thrill to tales of their heroism and unorthodox methods.

These eight audio dramas bring new life to this fan-favourite Chapter, shedding fresh light on their culture and the ways in which they make war. Written by Black Library legends including Nick Kyme, Andy Smillie, Chris Wraight, and more.

Saga of the Beast by David Annandale
Thunder From Fenris by Nick Kyme
Doomseeker by Nick Kyme
Deathwolf by Andy Smillie
Iceclaw by Ben Counter
Parting of the Ways by Chris Wraight
Vox Tenebris by Robbie MacNiven
The Art of Provocation by Josh Reynolds

Approx run time 10 hours

Free Extracts: