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An Ossiarch Bonereapers story

When young Petras loses an arm to the bone tithe, he determines that he will gain a new limb to replace it – whatever the cost.

Get a glimpse at life in the Realm of Death and how the bone tithe hangs heavy over the people of the realm.

Across the Realm of Death, Nagash's Ossiarch legions demand the bone tithe from the Great Necromancer's subjects… and they will not be denied. When young Petras is forced to lose an arm to fulfil the demand, he becomes tithemarked. He hears of a craftsman who produces artificial limbs to replace those given in tribute, and determines that he will be whole again. He works hard for his prize, until a scavenger with a sinister secret offers him another way to achieve his goal… a dark and dangerous way that could lead him to damnation.

Written by Steven Sheil

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