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The Known Unknown

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The Known Unknown

Part 10 of the Deathwatch Quick Reads series

When his mentor is psychically dominated and turned against his Kill Team by a Broodlord, Jensus Natorian of the Blood Ravens must intervene and end the threat of both the alien psyker and his fallen master.

A Space Marine Librarian turned against his brothers by the power of the Hive Mind? Sounds like a winning read to us.

Brother-Codicier Jensus Natorian of the Blood Ravens has served the Deathwatch for many years, bringing his psychic talents to bear against the hated xenos on countless battlefields. However, when his original Chapter request aid in combating a genestealer infestation within the space hulk Endless Despair, he is compelled to answer this new call to duty in person. Will an unexpected reunion with his old mentor, Librarian Captain Lanneus, on board the hulk herald the beginning of greater cooperation between the Chapters, or something much darker?

Written by Mark Clapham

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